For you

Below are the different ways you can choose to work with to get yourself back to periencing life again.

Treatments – With Cranio Sacral therapy and massage with essential oils, I help your bodys tense parts to relax and that helps your ligiments and bones to find their place in your body again. Booking on BokaDirekt.

Coaching – With the help of toe-/foot reading I coach you to find the star you are to take you further in life with joy, self-love and self-confidence. Booking on BokaDirekt.

Discovery Session – You get a road map to recover your body, find the star inside you and experience life again. This road map is the beginning of your journey, wether you choose to work with med, someone else or do it yourself. It also is a gift from me to you and takes an hour. Booking on BokaDirekt.

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