Around the Body in 24 Days – Advice

When I have had a therapy session I always end with giving advice that can help the person to have a change that will stand the test of time. What I can see is that it is a process for the person to understand that simple stretch excercises, light massage and some food tips, can help them have less pain, move easier and get more energy. So, why do I give advice? Because if the advice is followed:

  • it makes it easier for me as a therapeut at the next therapy session.
  • the body’s balancing is hurried up and less sessions is needed for the balance to be reached.
  • makes it more possible that the body will keep being balanced.

Why isn’t the advice followed, if it really shortens the time for the balance of the body to occur?

  • It can be that I am unclear and that I don’t send with the person written advice.
  • It can be that time disappears on other things, like family or work. And we are experts on down prioritizing ourselves, for the benefit of others.
  • It can be that the person just forgot what I said. After a therapy session, the person can feel a bit sleepy and have other things on their mind than the advice.

After a few times the brain usually has understood the advice and the person starts following it. The break through usually comes as the person discovers that their body answers and they see effect of following the advice. Because it is like this, if we see or feel a positive change the motivation, to do more of what we feel good of, increases.

So, the next time you get advice from your therapeut, find out why you should follow it and what the gain is for you. If you know that it is easier to motivate yourself to follow the advice. Remember that the brain is lazy and likes to walk in the same tracks as usual, if it can, so it takes time to change a habit. And don’t get depressed if you fall off the wagon and don’t do what you should. Start again the next day. The main point is that you don’t give up, but keep trying. One day, the brain will give up and take the new road, because it will be easier to see.

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