Around the Body in 24 Days – All done

Day 24 has come and Christmas Eve is here. I want to thank you who has followed the journey around the body, during these 24 days. I hope it has woken your curiosity about how your body works and how its parts are related. That you can see that a body that is crooked can affect a lot in the body and that a stiff muscle can cause pain in other areas than where it is situated. That the nerves is a signalling system and that if they are squeezed you feel pain in the body. Look out for your body, so you have a good body posture, relaxed muscles and a nervous system that functions as it should. Do you want a taste of what it means to get yourself body awareness? Then sign up to “Learn Your Body’s Signals”. It’s done in 7 days and is a gift from me to you. (Has ended).

Read more here, if you’re interested in what I do and if you want to know more about my journey, then you find it here.

Once again Thank You and Good Luck with your continuing journey in and with your body!

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