Around the Body in 24 Days – Breathe through your fears

This is an exercise I learned from Anders Olsson, on the breathing instructor course. It helps you meet your fears and make them diminish or disappear. The exercise is done for 5-10 minutes.

  1. Think about situations that makes you scared, upset, pissed or irritated. Make them as alive as possible by fantasize.
  2. Note how you breathe when you think about these tough situations. Om din andning är stressad och spänd är det helt naturligt, vid dessa känslor.
  3. Note where you feel the feeling, where it starts and how it moves. Allow the feeling to be clearer and clearer. Follow the feelings direction and speed with one finger on one hand.
  4. Imagine how you lift the feeling out of the body. The hand and finger move away from the body.
  5. Turn the feeling 180 degree, so that it moves to the other direction. Make the breathing rythmical and deep by elongating the exhalation. The breathing is your pal that is with you all the time and  helps you feel calmer and safer in the middle of the hard time.
  6. Move the feeling into the body again, at the same time as the hand moves closer to the body. Let the feeling keep moving towards the new direction. Let the move faster and larger. Note what feeling you have now.
  7. Do step 3-6 until the feeling spins towards the direction and with the speed that gives you the best feeling. If the fear becomes curiosity, relief, etc. it’s all good.

Good Luck!

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