Around the Body in 24 Days – More Feet

In the alternative therapy your body is reflected in your feet. Because of that, different unbalances in the body can be balanced through pressure and massage. Simply put: If you put your feet together you have your spine on the inside of them and the different organs on the same foot the organs are oon. E.g. the liver on the right foot and the stomach on the left. There are also four lines: shoulder line, diaphragm line, waist line and pelvis line. There’s also a ligament line that goes vertically.

The spine is on the inside of the feet. Line 1 is the shoulder line, line 2 is the diaphragm line, line 3 is the waist line, line 4 is the pelvis line and line 5 is the ligament line. The toes represents eyes, ears, sinusis and brain, to mention some. Because the body is reflected in the feet, a foot massage is a good way to nourish your health. When I was really sick in 2015, massaging my feet was the one thing that got me to feel better and wanting to try to live again. It only takes 2,5 minutes/foot a day.



The feet register every step you take, physically and mentally and they also adjust to how we live and feel. How we treat our body and soul shows up physically in our feet.

Our feet represents different things in life. Right foot and toes represents our path outward in life and how we handle society. It can be how we are at work, towards our family and in sororities. Left foot and toes represents our path inwards and how we handle ourself. While the right foot represents the male energy, the so called Yang, the left side represents the female energy, Yin.

Within toe/foot reading, the toes stands for different things: The Big toe is our destiny toe, the second toe is our communication toe, the third toe is our passion and action toe, the fourth toe is our relationship toe and our pinky toe is our trust and abundance toe. The form of the foot is also important when I do a reading.

So when I do a toe/foot reading, I read what kind of path you have walked in life, how you communicate, what passion you have, how you are in relationships and what kind of trust and abundance you have. Depending on what the toes and feet look like, I pose questions to you, so you can discover your patterns. I can see the toes length, width, colour and form and if they are in contact with the ground. Through the toes I kan see things that has happened in life. It’s a very positive thing, because is puts together body and soul. I give advice and homework on how to treat your feet. As always, it is up to you if you want to follow my advice and do the homework. I guide you so you can see your patterns that needs to be changed, in order for you to feel better. Sometimes you only need to take care of your body to get it to loosen up. My job as a coach is to get this through to you.

A photo of my feet. I can see that I have walked pretty straight in life, my communication is ok, my passion is entvined with my communication (when I talk about something passionately I also act on it), I am a bit shy in my relationships and my trust is good.

What I can ask myself is in what way I hold back in relationships, and what is gnawing around my path in life (sore left Big toe).

A first reading takes about an hour.

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