How do I live right?

HELP! What am I supposed to do to live right? Should I eat breakfast or not? And what should it contain? Is it good or bad to eat fruits and berries? How many portions of vegetable, fruits and berries do I need? Is it dangerous to eat late in the evening? When must I go to bed and how many hours of sleep do I need? Supplements – yes och no? Meditate and work out could be nice, but WHEN will I have time for it? Do I have to evolve at work – can’t I just go there and do my job, to get money for my life and leisure time? And if I am negative one day, is that so bad? Does everything has to be positive? Are night owls smarter? Why is it so hard to change a habit? I KNOW theoretically what I should do, but practically it doesn’t work.

I can fill out the list for eternity. Media floods us with good advices, tips, poeters and different contradicting researches. And upon all that, it is written in a tone of voice to make me feel shame for not changing or having a hard time changing my lifestyle. So, here are my advices to you:

  • Take 5 minutes in a silent space and listen to what you feel inside yourself about your lifestyle.
  • Write down what you think about, on the spot.
  • Applaud yourself, for taking 5 minutes to listen to yourself. If you want, you can increase the time, as time moves on, and see how that feels.
  • Accept that us human beings have different opinions and that you don’t have to follow others opinions about your lifestyle. They actually don’t live your life.
  • Are you happy with your lifestyle? Then continue with it! Yes, but if I like my lifestyle, but it gives me problems. Well, I would say that if you feel that you are having problems, then you aren’t happy with your lifestyle.
  • Can you motivate yourself: Read up on the area you feel like changing. Take the advices you feel suits you and follow them.
  • Are you having a hard time motivating yourself: Get help from someone outside, that can give you an honest feedback, encouraging words and a kick in the behind from time to time, to get you moving.
  • Value yourself and your time highly and get conscious about why you make the choices you do. You can only change the things that you’re conscious about. For me, getting conscious has made me have less anxiety over my lifestyle.
  • Be generous towards yourself as you make mistakes, because we all make them. Take a look of what went sideways and why, and start over again. If it helps: Look at you life as a project.
  • You are you and nobody else. You are in this world to be you and nobody else. Think about that as you present yourself to the world. You are unique and a piece that is needed, exactly as you are.

And the questions in the beginning? I will dig into them and a few more, and show you that it’s not easy to navigate in this jungle. It will be some blogs during this year (yes, I like digging and analyzing). I hope it will give some insight that knowledge and information is good, but that it is what you do with it that gives result. Talk is cheap, but to act is harder to do.

Here at the end, I want to leave you with these questions: What lifestyle do you want, why do you want that lifestyle and how will you get there? Remember that your lifestyle should feel right for you!

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