Body awareness – This is a calm interactive lecture, where you get tips about the body’s way to signal that it’s in need of help, do different exercises and at the same time get updated on why the exercises are good for you and your body.

Back to Life – The energy disappears, you can’t move like you used to because of the stiffness in your body, you don’t recognize the person in the mirror and you think the body has stopped listening to you. The lecture “Back to Life” is about what can happen when we stop listening to our body and tips on how you can get back to life by listening and communicating with your body. My stepping stone is my knowledge as a body therapeut and my own experiences from my body’s total collapse in 2015 and my journey back to life.

Chocolate for Life – Chocolate is sinfully yummy, varying, sensual and alive. The lecture “Chocolate for Life” is filled with laugther, information and thought provokng. By using chocolate as a stepping stone we dive into life itself, and you receive tips on how chocolate can be used to enhance life.

The lectures are 50 mintes. For more information – send a request to info@sirisoas.se labeling it “Lecture”.